Kevlar Bikini is a HC/punk/noise/metal band from Croatia’s capital Zagreb. Been around since 2010 and released two albums as a quartet.

The first one, “Explodisiac” (2012), was mixed in Sunlight Studio by the legendary Tomas Skogsberg (Entombed, Refused, Hellacopters, At The Gates, Backyard Babies, etc.) and mastered by Pelle Henricsson (Refused, Meshuggah, Poison the Well, In Flames, Raised Fist, etc.) at Tonteknik Recording.

The album was released by a small UK label Freaky Pug Records and it got excellent reviews from webzines, blogs and magazines worldwide.

“Quite frankly, this craps on most of the so-called punk that’s around these days.”

Iain - Cack Blabbath

"All in all a great album filled with high-energy booty-shakin´ rock and a must have in every rocker´s collection worldwide.“

Fernanda Nunes - Stalker Magazine

The second album “Hi-Fi Or Die”, mixed and mastered by the same sonic team Skogsberg/Henricsson, was released on vinyl for the Italian label OverDub Recordings/WormHoleDeath in 2014.

“Kevlar Bikini have come all the way from Croatia to save rock 'n' roll and they are doing a mighty fine job.”

Ben Hughes - Uber Rock

Over the course of five years a good number of sweaty shows and festivals were played all over Europe (Austria, Bosnia, Croatia, Hungary, Serbia, Slovenia, Sweden…). The Kevlar Bikini quartet was distilled into a trio in 2015, for more oomph. Determined to level up, they took a slightly different turn towards a more snarky, dirty and aggressive soundscape.

The result is the third album “Rants, Riffage and Rousing Rhythms”, released in autumn of 2018 via Geenger Records. The self-explanatory tongue twister of a name describes not only the collage of songs on the album, but also the overall revamped style of the group. Recorded in Soundcage Studio, mixed in Chicken Sound Studio.

“Each and every one of these tracks is a cluster bomb of barbed and melodic shredding and it’s impossible not to be swept along by the vigour of it all.“

Pete Woods - Ave Noctum

“...seems to come out of the Epitaph from the golden days. POWERFUL“

Francesco Ghezzi - Rockerilla

“...sounds like an erupting volcano spitting magma and fire. “

Siniša Miklaužić,

The bands fourth full length studio album entitled “OPT-OUTism” is released in May of 2020 via Geenger Records.


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